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To help the daring build design legendary companies.

Here's how

We diagnose with data
and treat with design.

When we help teams ship and iterate core features, we focus on the total experience — not just the pixels in their app. When we storyboard, we draw what’s happening in the world and what’s happening in their product. We also help Sequoia companies tell their story and build healthy design orgs with the structures, processes and measurement tools they need to thrive.

Along the way, high-performing designers join the Sequoia Design Lab for fast-paced, one-on-one, hands-on projects as Visiting Designers.

The program

Meet the designers

Design Fellows join the Sequoia Design Lab for 3 – 12 months to lead product design projects for companies within the Sequoia portfolio. After the fellowship, they aim to find a full-time home on one of the portfolio's design teams.

Aine Zhou


Aine designs products from an experiential standpoint. Her full design process focuses on data, concept, and designing with a POV. After Sequoia, she looks forward to joining a design team that encourages iterations and risk. Aine holds a BFA in Painting and Visual Communications from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design.

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Mary Alice Arnstein

Design Intern

Mary Alice is a designer finishing up her degree at Stanford University in Product Design, a discipline she found aligns perfectly with her intersection of interests in design, engineering, and tech. Constantly inspired by the people and places around her, Mary Alice focuses on integrating her passion for people into her work through full-process design and creating transformative products by practicing empathy. Her deep curiosity for exploring unusual connections and detailed oriented mindset combine to produce deliberate design.

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More than just pixels

As Sequoia’s design ambassadors, the Sequoia Design Lab collaborates across the portfolio on products, processes and design culture.

A lasting network

Sequoia Design Lab alumni

When their time at the Lab comes to a close, we support each designer with a network of past Fellows and Visiting Designers, as well as access to the larger community of designers who work across the Sequoia portfolio.

Visiting designer

Coleen Baik

Designer & Advisor


Design fellow

Alexandra Bond

Senior Product Designer



Jules Forrest

Senior Product Designer leading design systems

Credit Karma

Design fellow

Kat Fukui

Product Designer


Visiting designer

Jon Gold

Design Technologist


Visiting designer

Ash Huang

Senior Experience Designer



Sue Kim

Product Designer


Visiting designer

Alice Lee



Editorial PM

Yvonne Leow

Digital Strategist


Visiting designer

Jessica Phan

Founding Designer


Design fellow

Jessie Ren

Senior UX Designer


Visiting designer

Samantha Warren

Experience Design Manager


Visiting designer

Andreas Weiland

Senior Product Designer


Design fellow

Jen Wibowo

Product Designer


Growing our community

With over 75 open design positions across the Sequoia portfolio at any given moment, we also love to connect designers to their dream jobs.

Design Lead


Product Designer


Senior Visual Designer


Head of Product Design


Senior Product Designer


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We're always looking for talented and passionate people to join us. If you’re an experienced designer looking to work on fast-paced, hands-on projects with Sequoia and our portfolio, we'd love to hear from you.

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